Vol 7, No 4 (2015)

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Special Issue on “eHealth literacy: Emergence of a new concept for creating, evaluating and understanding online health resources for the public” PDF
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Editorial: eHealth literacy: Emergence of a new concept for creating, evaluating and understanding online health resources for the public PDF
Andre W. Kushniruk (ACMI Fellow; CAHS Fellow) 518-521
The e-health literacy framework: A conceptual framework for characterizing e-health users and their interaction with e-health systems PDF
Ole Norgaard, Dorthe Furstrand, Louise Klokker, Astrid Karnoe, Roy Batterham, Lars Kayser, Richard H. Osborne 522-540
eHealth literacy issues, constructs, models, and methods for health information technology design and evaluation PDF
Helen Monkman, Andre W. Kushniruk (ACMI Fellow; CAHS Fellow) 541-549
eHealth literacy demands and cognitive processes underlying barriers in consumer health information seeking PDF
Connie V. Chan, Jelena Mirkovic, Stephanie Furniss, David R. Kaufman 550-575
How is eHealth literacy measured and what do the measurements tell us? A systematic review PDF
Astrid Karnoe, Lars Kayser 576-600
Designing eLearning courses to meet the digital literacy needs of healthcare workers in lower- and middle-income countries: Experiences from the Knowledge for Health Project PDF
Rupali J. Limaye, Sidhartha Deka, Naheed Ahmed, Lisa Mwaikambo 601-615
Contextual factors and challenges to e-health literacy PDF
Bolanle A. Olaniran 616-628
Empowering learners: Using a triad model to promote eHealth literacy and transform learning at point of care PDF
Carey Mather, Elizabeth Cummings 629-645
Youth engagement in eMental health literacy PDF
Charlene King, Michelle Cianfrone, Kimberley Korf-Uzan, Aazadeh Madani 646-657
How emotions stimulate people affected by cancer to use personalised health websites PDF
Suncica Hadzidedic Bazdarevic, Alexandra I. Cristea (BCS Fellow) 658-676
The effect of educational attainment levels on use of non-traditional health information resources: Findings from the Canadian survey of experiences with primary health care PDF
Sean Hardiman, Kendall Ho (FRCPC) 677-687

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