Vol 6, No 4 (2014)

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Special Issue on “Smart cities of the future: Creating tomorrow’s education toward effective skills and career development today” PDF
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Editorial: Smart cities of the future: Creating tomorrow’s education toward effective skills and career development today PDF
Fanny Klett (IEEE Fellow), Minhong Wang 344-355
Competences and knowledge: Key-factors in the smart city of the future PDF
Saverio Salerno, Antonio Nunziante, Gabriella Santoro 356-376
Automatic selection of informative sentences: The sentences that can generate multiple choice questions PDF
Mukta Majumder, Sujan Kumar Saha 377-391
Co-creating value: Student contributions to smart cities PDF
Chetan S. Sankar, Barry A. Cumbie 392-409
Measuring influence of internationalized universities on smart city development in terms of human capital and urban aspects PDF
Nikolay Kazantsev, Igor Zakhlebin 410-425
Development and use of a digital signage system for revitalizing regional shopping districts PDF
Shota Takata, Kengo Hayashi, Keita Tamatsu, Yoshio Yamagishi, Hiroshi Nagase 426-439
Facebook as e-learning tool for higher education institutes PDF
Ijaz A. Qureshi, Hassan Raza, Michael Whitty 440-448
Mobile-based system for cost-effective e-learning contents delivery in resource and bandwidth constrained learning environments PDF
Michael P. J. Mahenge, Joseph W. Mwangoka 449-463
Our building is smarter than your building: The use of competitive rivalry to reduce energy consumption and linked carbon footprint PDF
Carolyn McGibbon, Jacques Ophoff, Jean-Paul Van Belle 464-471
Informing physicians using a situated decision support system: Disease management for the smart city PDF
Raafat George Saade, Rustam Vahidov, George M. Tsoukas, Alexander Tsoukas 472-492

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