Vol 5, No 3 (2013)

Table of Contents


Special Issue on “Technology for higher education, adult learning and human performance” PDF
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Editorial: Technology for higher education, adult learning and human performance PDF
Minhong Wang, Chi-Cheng Chang, Feng Wu 218-222
Evaluation of spaced education as a learning methodology for in-service training of health workers in Ethiopia PDF
Kate Tulenko, Rebecca Bailey 223-233
Gender differences in collaborative learning over online social networks: Epistemological beliefs and behaviors PDF
Rosanna Y.-Y. Chan, Jie Huang, Diane Hui, Silu Li, Peng Yu 234-250
A customizable evaluation instrument to facilitate comparisons of existing online training programs PDF
Cheryl A. Murphy, Elizabeth A. Keiffer, Jack A. Neal, Philip G. Crandall 251-268
A brief examination of predictors of e-learning success for novice and expert learners PDF
Emily Stark, Andrea Lassiter, Ashley Kuemper 269-277
Pedagogical design for knowledge creating inquiry in customer projects PDF
Hanni Muukkonen, Kari Kosonen, Pentti Marttiin, Petri Vesikivi, Jyrki Kaistinen, Göte Nyman 278-297
Collaborative learning using VoiceThread in an online graduate course PDF
Yu-Hui Ching, Yu-Chang Hsu 298-314
A study on online learner profile for supporting personalized learning PDF
Jie Yang 315-322
Evaluating students’ perception of a three-dimensional virtual world learning environment PDF
Michael Chau, Wai-ki Sung, Songnia Lai, Minhong Wang, Ada Wong, Kristal W. Y. Chan, Tim M. H. Li 323-333
A theory-to-practice approach for teaching science with animations PDF
George Hatsidimitris 334-344
What makes lecturers in higher education use emerging technologies in their teaching? PDF
Judy Backhouse 345-358
A technology enhanced course for communication incorporating empathy PDF
Tosh Yamamoto, Masanori Tagami, Maki Okunuki 359-374
e-Learning trends in Central Europe: The case of the Czech Republic PDF
Ludvík Eger, Dana Egerová 375-387

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