Vol 4, No 2 (2012)

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Special Issue on “Supporting, managing, & sustaining creativity and cognition through technology” PDF
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Editorial: Supporting, managing, & sustaining creativity and cognition through technology PDF
Chien-Sing Lee, Jie-Chi Yang, Jimmy Secretan, Pedro Branco, Cristina Sylla 129-133
Defamiliarization: Flarf, conceptual writing, and using flawed software tools as creative partners PDF
Richard P. Gabriel (ACM Fellow; Allen Newell Award) 134-145
Behind every innovative solution lies an obscure feature PDF
Tony McCaffrey, Lee Spector (ISGEC Fellow) 146-156
Transforming creativity: Personalized manufacturing meets embodied computing PDF
Robert E. McGrath, Johann Rischau, Alan B. Craig 157-173
Harnessing the power of social media for creativity support: A three-pronged approach PDF
Christian Wagner, Ling Jiang 174-194
An e-learning approach to informed problem solving PDF
Christian Stary, Georg Weichhart 195-216
Blended learning in dentistry: 3-D resources for inquiry-based learning PDF
Yanqi Yang, Linkun Zhang, Susan Bridges 217-230

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