Vol 3, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents


Special Issue on “Collaborative Knowledge Management and E-Learning” PDF
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Editorial: Collaborative Knowledge Management and E-Learning PDF
Helen S. Du, Christian Wagner 116-118
Leadership 2.0 in Action: a Journey from Knowledge Management to "Knowledging" PDF
Bonnie Cheuk, Brenda Dervin (ICA Fellow) 119-138
Implementing Knowledge Management in School Environment: Teachers' Perception PDF
Kai Wing Chu, Minhong Wang, Allan H.K. Yuen 139-152
From Neophyte to Experienced Facilitator: an Interactive Blended-Learning Course for Graduate Teaching Assistants in Hong Kong PDF
Kai-Pan Mark, Dimple R. Thadani, David Santandreu Calonge, Cecilia F.K. Pun, P.H. Patrio Chiu 153-169
--------------------- Regular Papers --------------------- PDF
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Evidence-Based Interactive Management of Change PDF
Christian Stary, Albert Fleischmann 170-200
Measuring the Acceptance and Adoption of E-Learning by Academic Staff PDF
Basheer A. Al-alak, Ibrahim A.M. Alnawas 201-221
Enhancing Team Projects Using an Event-Triggered Knowledge Network PDF
Jeff DePree, Xuelian Xiao, Stanley Y. W. Su (IEEE Fellow) 222-236
Emerging Problems in Knowledge Sharing and the Three New Ethics of Knowledge Transfer PDF
Mikhail Koulikov 237-250
Deriving Prior Distributions for Bayesian Models Used to Achieve Adaptive E-Learning PDF
Sanghyun S. Jeon, Stanley Y. W. Su (IEEE Fellow) 251-270
Approaches to Improve Teachers’ Use of Groupware PDF
Stefan Bitzer, Marco Klein, Matthias Schumann 271-289
The Development and Impact of the Livestock Guru: Meeting the Knowledge Needs of Poor Livestock Keepers in Tamil Nadu, India PDF
Jun Yu, Claire Heffernan 290-305

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