Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal (KM&EL), Vol 8, No 2 (2016)

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Project knowledge management: An ontological view

Saba Sareminia, Mehdi Shamizanjani, Mohammad Mousakhani, Amir Manian


In this research, “Domain Ontology for Project Knowledge Management” is presented by literature and reliable resource reviews and analysis in three layers: “People”, “Technology” and “Process”. This ontology consists of 115 cells. The layer of “People” has been divided into two subgroups: “Culture” and “Leadership”, in12 cells. The layer of “Technology” has been classified into two subgroups: “Technology Component” and “Application”, which has 72 cells. Finally the layer of “Process” has been divided into five groups: “Initiating a Project”, “Planning a Project”, “Executing a Project”, “Monitoring and Controlling a Project” and “Closing a Project”, and has 31 cells. Consequently, the proposed ontology has been evaluated by survey research benefiting from experts’ opinions. In this step, by purposeful sampling and the snowball technique, experts in project management and knowledge management scopes have been determined. Using an online questionnaire; the “Domain” of the designed ontology has been evaluated. After confirming the ontology’s domain, the “Quality” of the ontology has been evaluated with the aid of some criteria extracted from literature reviews by another online questionnaire. Accepted by a certainty of 95% and Friedman Test, the proposed ontology shows that its three layers are homogenous with a certainty of 95% based on statistical analyses.

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