Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal (KM&EL), Vol 5, No 4 (2013)

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A study of university student behaviors in using eBooks in Hong Kong

Hokyin Lai, Marco Li


The adoption rate of eBooks has multiplied exponentially in University libraries. Libraries prefer buying eBooks rather than in-print books, mainly because of their low cost-structure and also because eBooks are easier to store. However, many library users still prefer to read in-print books, as compared to reading eBooks. This therefore leads to a potential mismatch between the expectations of the library and its users. This study aims to investigate the usage of eBooks in Universities in Hong Kong. The focus of this research is to analyze the behaviors of students using eBooks at Universities in Hong Kong. Their usage experience would be observed and examined in order to identify and discover a more sustainable system for the future development of eBooks in Universities in Hong Kong. In this study, a questionnaire has been utilized for collecting the experiences of students using eBooks. The results very clearly demonstrated that printed books are the preferential choice for most students, although they were willing to accept eBooks as a substitute for printed books. The concerns of students corresponding to acceptance of eBooks have been examined in this study. This study would be beneficial for academic libraries in Hong Kong, as it would provide valuable assistance in enhancing and refining their services and developing their collection of eBooks, through understanding and appreciating the behaviors of students who use eBooks.

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