Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal (KM&EL), Vol 5, No 3 (2013)

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Evaluating students’ perception of a three-dimensional virtual world learning environment

Michael Chau, Wai-ki Sung, Songnia Lai, Minhong Wang, Ada Wong, Kristal W. Y. Chan, Tim M. H. Li


Three-dimensional virtual environments have gained wide popularity due to improvement in graphic rendering technology and networking infrastructure. Many education institutions have been trying to leverage the potential of 3D virtual environments in their application in education. In this research, we aim to evaluate the students’ perception of virtual environments in teaching and learning activities. We set up a virtual classroom, where a short presentation was delivered to students through virtual projectors in Second Life, the most widely adopted 3D virtual environment. The students filled in a questionnaire after the class. We found that the students gave a statistically higher evaluation to 3D virtual environments in terms of satisfaction and enjoyment, while comparable scores between 3D and traditional learning environment in terms of concentration, perceived usefulness, and learning and understanding were obtained. Our results show that virtual learning environment is of great potential in e-learning. Some recommendations in using the virtual environment for learning activities are given.

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