Deadline Extended: The War for Talent: Technologies and Solutions toward Competency and Skills Development and Talent Identification

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Special Issue on

The War for Talent: Technologies and Solutions toward
Competency and Skills Development and Talent Identification



Revised Schedule


* Deadline for submission: November 5, 2012. (extended)

* Notification of acceptance:  January 5, 2013.

* Scheduled publication: 2013 (Vol.5, No.1)



Guest Editors


Dr. Fanny Klett (IEEE Fellow)


German Workforce ADL Partnership Laboratory, Germany



Dr. Maggie M. Wang

Faculty of Education,

The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong



This special issue of the KM&EL international journal is dedicated to advanced technological solutions and novel methodical approaches toward human capital management in terms of career development, assessment and recruitment as a driver for innovation and sustainable competitive advantage for academia and businesses in the changing conditions of the global employment market, and the War for Talent. Latest competitiveness-driven developments in productivity and services move forward human capital management and assessment technology and services alongside with talent identification as a driver for innovation and key source of maximizing the Return-On-Investment in people and technology in academia and businesses. Governments and businesses start thinking about competency and skills development as the critical issue for the workforce, and the workplaces. Against this background, a complex interrelationship arises between strategic management, human capital management, and the overall quality management in every educational and enterprise setting. In addition, identifying highly competent human capital develops into a challenging issue of the recruitment process.


It seems like a paradox that recently we have been saying that we need the right content in the right context at the right time. Now, the War for Talent is on, and one of the main challenges refers to having the right employees with the right qualifications at the right time. Shifting from content management to human capital management and talent identification involves conventional and new technologies, and traditional and novel approaches to learning, assessment and performance technologies, and quality management. Many exciting technologies exist, but the application of these technologies for quality management and recruitment needs, skills and competency development has often been lacking coherence and their uptake unacceptably delayed.


The goal of this Special Issue is to provide a forum for academics and practitioners to draw attention to future trends and recent developments as well as practical implementations and evaluation results in assessment, competency and recruitment technology.


The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Novel models for quality of learning, training and assessment
  • Next generation learning, training and assessment environments
  • Assessment methodologies toward meaningfulness and practical effectiveness of learning and skills, and related technologies and developments
  • Screening technologies and developments
  • Technology infrastructures for adopting career development, and serving recruitment, screening and matching processes
  • Technology infrastructures for competency development in education, and the alignment of curricula and possible career pathways
  • Technology infrastructures for the alignment between strategic management, knowledge management and quality management in organizations
  • Standardization in terms of personal data, competency data, curriculum vitae, e-portfolios, job postings formats


We are interested in both theoretical and practical papers that aim to improve education, corporate training, human performance, human capital management as well as human capital identification by applying novel technologies and methods. We would like to stimulate interest in the issues across academia, practice, industry, research and policy, and therefore we welcome focused papers from all sectors.


Submission Instructions


Electronic submission by email to Guest Editors is required ( or


Papers must not have been published, accepted for publication, or presently be under consideration for publication elsewhere. A standard double-blind review process will be used for selecting papers to be published in this special issue. Authors should follow the instructions outlined in the KM&EL Website (see URL


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